Hip Surgery

Your hip is a flexible, weight-bearing joint that provides support to your upper body when you walk, stand and run. It also aids mobility when bending and stretching. It’s made up of a ball and a socket, muscles, ligaments and cartilage.

Problems of the hip can be due to a number of reasons and can lead to acute pain. Osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, bone diseases and abnormalities may cause your hip to become worn over time or damaged. You may suffer from a fracture or break as a result of a fall or sporting injury.

Here at Winfield Hospital we see many patients with hip pain. Our specialist hip surgeons are supported by a multidisciplinary team of professionals, excellent diagnostic equipment and first-rate follow up care and physiotherapy. We diagnose and treat your hip condition and offer hip surgeries including hip replacement, hip arthroscopy and hip revision if required.

The range of hip surgeries we offer

Hip arthroscopy

Your hip surgeon may perform a minimally invasive procedure called hip arthroscopy to help diagnose your hip problem and sometimes treat it at the same time. It allows your orthopaedic consultant to see inside your hip joint using a small camera called an arthroscope.

Your orthopaedic specialist may see some loose bodies such as bony spurs or synovium (joint lining) in your joint using the arthroscope and they will remove them. They may observe that your cartilage is torn and they’ll repair it using tiny instruments and the arthroscope.

Hip revision

Hip replacement surgery is very successful however, occasionally further surgery to repair or replace part or all of your artificial hip is required.

The majority of hip replacements last between ten to twenty years. The need for revision will depend upon when you had your hip replacement and the extent and type of use it undergoes.  Also if you fracture or dislocate your hip in a fall or accident then you might need a hip revision.

After hip revision your pain should be relieved and you should once again be more mobile.

Hip block injection

After examining your hip, your orthopaedic surgeon might decide that your hip joint is not worn or damaged enough to warrant a hip replacement and that the non-surgical option of a hip block injection is sufficient to relieve your pain. Normally hip block injections will only be recommended a few times. Your consultant may also use a hip block injection diagnostically to help find the source of your pain before performing surgery.

They will inject your hip block using X-ray guidance. It contains local anaesthetic and a steroid to ease your pain and reduce inflammation. 

The following Consultants specialise in hip surgery at Winfield Hospital

Mr Navraj Atwal (hip arthroplasty)

Mr Roger Close

Mr Christopher Curwen

Mr Nadi Kalap

Mr Peter Kempshall

Mr Chris Knudsen

Mr Rick Majkowski

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