Male Cosmetic Sugery

Looking and feeling good is just as important for men as it is for women, so it’s not surprising that many men decide to have cosmetic surgery to achieve the body or facial features they wish for and to help them to feel more confident.

Here at Winfield Hospital we offer many consultant-led cosmetic surgeries and non-surgical cosmetic treatments. The surgical options include: male breast reduction surgery, liposuction, face lifts, eyelid surgery, nose surgery and split earlobe repair. Our non-surgical options for men include: Botox and dermal fillers and acne treatment.

Our experienced consultant plastic and reconstructive surgeons will discuss the best individual options for men seeking cosmetic surgery or non-surgical treatments.


Gynaecomastia is an enlargement of the male breast and is sometimes referred to as man boobs. It’s a common condition where the breast tissue of a boy or man is swollen and larger than normal. It can occur in one or both breasts. It can be due to physiological and pathological causes and can make men feel embarrassed and self-conscious of their chest.

A cosmetic male breast reduction is also called gynaecomastia. It’s performed as a day case procedure and takes around 60 to 90 minutes to perform. Whilst under general anaesthetic your cosmetic surgeon will remove excess breast tissue to create a more masculine chest. Sometimes liposuction is used at the same time.


Blepharoplasty aims to rejuvenate and restore the youthful appearance of the skin around your eyes. It can also improve your sight if your vision is affected by slack eyelid skin. 

As people age so do their eyes and it’s common for loose or sagging skin to form in folds and cause puffiness in your eyelids and under your eyes. A blepharoplasty involves removing and smoothing the excess skin and repositioning fat surrounding your eyes. It’s sometimes referred to as eye bag removal or eyelid surgery depending upon whether surgery is performed on the upper or lower lids.

It’s a day case procedure that’s performed under general anaesthetic and takes around one or two hours. For men having a blepharoplasty the initial eyelid incision and brow positioning will be made lower than for women to create a natural and masculine look.


A rhinoplasty involves changing the size or shape of your nose. It’s is also known as nose reshaping or a nose job.

Whether you’ve always been unhappy with your nose or it’s changed shape due to an injury our cosmetic surgeons can help create the nose you desire.  Noses can draw attention as they’re the central feature of the face and can cause feelings of self-consciousness if they are small, big, thin, wide or bumpy or bobbly.

A rhinoplasty can alter the size, shape and length of your nose. A change to your nose can affect the appearance of your whole face and may help increase confidence and make breathing easier.

Your cosmetic surgeon will perform a rhinoplasty under general anaesthetic during which they’ll remove, modify or use a graft of bone or cartilage. The operation will take up to three hours.

Split earlobe repair

Men as well as women suffer from split earlobes. It can happen from wearing earrings over time, when an earring gets caught or whilst playing contact sports. Some men wear heavy earrings and these can stretch the pierced hole and cause ear lobe damage.

Earlobe repair surgery is a simple outpatient procedure, performed under local anaesthetic and normally takes half an hour.

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