Phillip Breadman Plants Trees to Show That Ramsay Cares 

As we launch our Ramsay Cares sustainability strategy, Winfield Hospital’s Phillip Breadman played his part by planting 210 plants on the grounds of the hospital.

The plant for pollinator tree pack is specially designed to benefit bees and other pollinators by providing nectar, pollen and nesting sites. It can create a 10x125m shelterbelt or a small copse to help grow the perfect habitat for pollinators as well as providing a haven for other wildlife and cleaning the air and water.

The packs are made up of 210 cell grown saplings; 50 Blackthorn, 30 Goat Willow, 40 Crab Apple, 30 Rowan, 40 Hawthorn and 20 Dog Rose, which are all suited to growing on large plots of land.

Ramsay Cares - Phillip Breadman Plants Trees

Phillip Breadman, Maintenance Assistant and Gardener, Winfield Hospital

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